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NIBL update September 2012

September 2012


The Network of Independent Business Lawyers I founded is still doing very well  - over 115 experienced lawyers covering between them an astonishing range of specialisms, all providing a personal partner level service which has got to add more value than your typical 'push it down to the lowest possible level' full-service commercial law firm! I had hoped by later this year to have put up a website to promote NIBL and its members and to help people find us, but I haven’t managed it yet. Managing the partners in a law firm has been described as akin to herding cats. Coordinating a disparate bunch of highly talented and capable lawyers who are too independent to want to work for a law firm is a bit harder (a cat herding other cats?). Not that I’d want you to think I’m bad at project management, mind – it’s high up my list of skill sets as a lawyer, along with spellling.

Andrew James