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OnHand Counsel's The Business: Legal briefing August 2014


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In this issue:

What is the meaning of the purpose?

Are you entitled to grouse over a misrepresentation?

The new Consumer Contracts Regulations

In this series of legal briefings I update you about recent developments in corporate or commercial law. Some of these briefings will hopefully resonate with some of you some of the time. I explain some of the context and background law, and perhaps give some specific tips. And maybe ramble or even rant a bit.

What is the meaning of the purpose?

No, really, what is the meaning of ‘the purpose’? This isn’t a deep philosophical question. It is an important question if it appears in an elephant clause in a non-embarrassment agreement, as in this recent case. Does ‘the purpose’ mean the sole purpose? The most important purpose? Any one of the purposes? Or something else? 


Rating system:
Reading time (1-10 minutes): 3 minutes
Sophistication level (1 (idiot) – 10 (expert)): 6
Entertainment value (1 (turgid) – 10 (side-splitting)): 5

Are you entitled to grouse over a misrepresentation?

In this case a Mr Erskine was looking to hire a grouse moor for commercial shooting. The hirer overstated the number of grouse (or grouses; but not grice). Mr Erskine later set up a separate entity, Cramaso LLP, which entered into the contract. The grouse shortage was discovered and Cramaso sued the hirer for misrepresentation. Did it succeed, bearing in mind that it didn’t even exist when the representation was made?


Rating system:
Reading time (1-10 minutes): 1 minutes
Sophistication level (1 (idiot) – 10 (expert)): 4
Entertainment value (1 (turgid) – 10 (side-splitting)):

The new Consumer Contracts Regulations

These came into force on 13 June 2014. They replace the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 and the Doorstep Selling Regulations 2008. They apply if you sell goods, services or digital content to consumers. They apply to in-store, door-to-door and telephone or online sales.


Rating system:
Reading time (1-10 minutes): 7 minutes
Sophistication level (1 (idiot) – 10 (expert)): 5
Entertainment value (1 (turgid) – 10 (side-splitting)): 2

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